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An Opportunity Missed In Tourism-led Regeneration: Sulukule


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P. Ozden


Tourism-led regeneration is one of the most significant agenda items in Istanbul where lively and serious discussions on urban regeneration workings still continue to a great extent. Within the scope of such tourism-led urban regeneration efforts are the District of Fatih, the Neslişah and Hatice Sultan Quarters, known by the public under the name Sulukule, where mostly Romany citizens are living. It was designated as a \“Redevelopment Area” in 2005. Applications started to be implemented without providing any applicable \“participation models” for the involvement of the affected parties and brought along with them a lot of conceptual and theoretical discussions as well as urban strains. On the other hand, work related to events to be organized for the selection and designation of Istanbul as one of the European Capitals of Culture for 2010 is rapidly continuing. This paper aims to expose the \“hasty and fickle” approach that is going on now, and has been for some years in the public sector, ignoring the concept of \“participation” and disregarding any reactions, leading to an essential missed opportunity that is very important for tourism-led regeneration and may even have a negative effect. It can result in losses for Istanbul, currently preparing for the organization of the events to be implemented on the occasion of selection and designation of Istanbul as one of the European Capitals of Culture for 2010, and there is an urgent need to investigate the problems likely to be experienced in the period ahead in respect of the displaced people, and to make suggestions in this respect. Keywords: participation, displacement, tourism-led regeneration.


participation, displacement, tourism-led regeneration.