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The Landscape As A Source Of Inspiration For Painters: Paintings As A Source Of Inspiration For Land Development?


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E. Bos, P. van der Jagt & W. Timmermans


In today’s landscapes, development policy is mainly directed towards the blacktailed and bar-tailed godwit. We are of the opinion however that the development of the landscape should be more inspired by famous works of art. Try not to be too concerned: if you look closely, godwits are frequently incorporated into these masterpieces. The Netherlands, as a pioneer in landscape paintings, has had a long tradition of recording them on canvas, and agricultural landscapes have always been a key subject. Paintings are therefore a significant source of information as to how the agricultural landscape looked in former times and are thus important when considering the cultural historical value of the cultivated landscape. But the question ‘Is there more?’ still arises. Apart from the historical register, can these works of art have a more significant meaning for the Netherlands? In this article we will first investigate the relationship between art and the Dutch landscape, and will demonstrate that in the past the romanticism of the disappearing natural landscape was an important source of inspiration. We will continue by investigating the interaction between art and the economy. Keywords: Dutch cultural-history, paintings, landscape, land development, economic interaction. 1 Art and the Dutch landscape The Netherlands is an outstanding example of a painter’s paradise. Together with Italy and France it is one of the few countries in the world that has produced at


Dutch cultural-history, paintings, landscape, land development, economic interaction.