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A Case Study Of The Hospitality Network Relationship In The Campinas Region, Brazil


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T. D. Almeida, H. Boaretto Jr & O. F. Lima Jr


Globalisation has brought a pressing need for adjusting supply to meet demand in the tourism sector, which has given researchers opportunities to study and entrepreneurs the opportunities of business, chiefly in Brazil, where the tourism structure has not yet been consolidated. The aims of this study were: to identify the services which contribute to the production of hospitality with emphasis on tourism services in Brazil, showing the relations, or lack of them, among the companies in tourism and those which serve residents and tourists, and finally, to analyse the relationships among these components of the tourism supply chain. The methodology used was of exploratory study, gathering data relative to the services, which encompass the tourism chain, and further qualitative analysis. Initial bibliographical gathering was done for delimiting the action field and also for the contextualisation of the work. The case study comprised the public and private sector in six cities of RMC – Campinas Metropolitan Region, Brazil. The results suggest formal and informal relationships among companies that deliver services to tourists and contribute to the model of networks proposed. The relationships formed are independent, either by type of service, or by the size of the city where the companies are located. One concludes that the companies construct these relationships aiming at the customer’s benefit and their business improvement. Keywords: service, hospitality, networks, business, tourism, partnerships, supply chain, logistics.


service, hospitality, networks, business, tourism, partnerships, supply chain, logistics.