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Current Condition Of Tourism Exchange Between Taiwan And Hokuriku District And Its Promotive Measure


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T. Oyabu, A. Sawada, Z. Zhu & A. Ohuchi


Taiwanese tourists visiting the Hokuriku district in Japan are greatly increasing. The Hokuriku district includes Ishikawa, Toyama and northern part of Gifu prefecture (Takayama, Hida cities and Shirakawa village) in this study. The ratio of Taiwanese tourists visiting the district was the largest out of all foreign travelers in 2005. Korean tourists represent the greatest percentage of foreign travelers visiting the whole of Japan. It is necessary to know the factors causing this characteristic. The main factors are the chartered flights that are designed by an old established hotel in the district and PR activities in Taiwan. Fundamentally, the Taiwanese and Japanese express strong interests in their mutual cultures with the deep historical and cultural ties greater than those between the Chinese and Koreans. It is necessary to develop the interesting tourism resources for the Taiwanese and go ahead with tourism exchange continuously. In this study, the effective measures to increase Taiwanese travelers are mentioned. Interesting resources in the Hokuriku district for Taiwanese are the landscapes, the snow and the Japanese type of spa. It will be effective to develop the tourism route linking the snow and the spa. The majority of Taiwanese travelers are in tour groups. It is important to develop the system for promotion to independent travelers. Keywords: tourism resource, Hokuriku district, data analysis, travelers, tourism exchange.


tourism resource, Hokuriku district, data analysis, travelers, tourism exchange.