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Sustainable Procedures For Environmental Evaluation Of Building Materials And Technologies


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M. C. Forlani, M. M. Lepore & A. Basti


The instances of sustainability in building construction have produced some particularly interesting research both at the level of \“production” of architecture and at the level of \“evaluation” of the technical solutions proposed. Sensitivity towards environmental problems seems to have reached the conscience of users and those working in the building sector; however it is proving hard to achieve an effective new approach to planning. But how can this new conscience be \“built up”? The notes that follow are the synthesis of a study that is underway concerning an approach to planning that is aware of environmental criticality and indications to make more sustainable choices. The test is applied to a case study of the wealth of mud and earth buildings in the Abruzzo region. In particular reflections are made: a. to set out a planning method that moves from a careful analysis of the possibilities offered by the environment, in terms of a stratified building culture and awareness of physical phenomena. A reading of tradition provides a wide repertory of solutions that should in any case be carefully evaluated, adapted and developed, in a word, put into practice to then adapt it to contemporary needs, making the best use of the knowledge of the technology of materials, the physical technique, of physiology. b. to hint at the instruments to achieve the aim of a sustainable development (economic and social) – though self construction (limited only to cases of rebuilding or restoration) or industrial production – that takes into account the environmental questions. c. to lay out a test that can be applied in a minimum module, emblematic of the paradigm of the technical and environmental appropriateness of a dwelling system in relation to a determined physical-climatic context. Keywords: raw earth, eco building, life cycle assessment.


raw earth, eco building, life cycle assessment.