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Integrated Coastal Zone Management In The Patos Lagoon Estuary (South Brazil): State Of Art


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P. R. A. Tagliani, M. L. Asmus, C. R. A. Tagliani, M. Polette, C. S. B. Costa & E. Salas


In the context of the extensive Brazilian coastal zone, the Patos Lagoon estuary comes across as the contemporary dilemma between the economic development and the environmental conservation in a conspicuous way. Deep changes in the environmental and socioeconomic scenario are expected in the near future, due to the big projects of economic development planned for the region, such as a paper mill industrial complex, a deepening of the navigation channel of the estuary from 15 to 18 m and the implantation of a shipyard to build up petroleum marine platforms. Taking into consideration such trends, a program of Integrated Coastal Zone Management at Patos Lagoon estuary – Costa Sul Program, has been conducted since 2005 with the purpose of promoting sustainable development in this estuary. The project is oriented to four main strategies: 1) building capacity in the local government and empowerment of the local community; 2) restoration of coastal habitat and fishery resources; 3) to provide alternatives of rental for the rural coastal communities; and 4) to develop a comprehensive coastal management plan with active participation of the civil society, integrating the federal and state environmental policies, and programs and projects with the local ones. This paper will describe some results obtained at this time and will present some lessons learned. Keywords: coastal zone, integrated management, estuaries.


coastal zone, integrated management, estuaries.