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Utilization Of Knowledge Management And Information Technologies Theory In Water Resources Management


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M. Toman


Project AQUINpro, described in this paper, derives from a common theory of knowledge management and information technologies. The aim it to expand the theory to the water resources management field in the Czech Republic, a theory that is not currently being applied. Methods of knowledge management allow for much more space for thinking about the substance of water management problems beyond that of the application of partial artificial intelligence methods. The way of solving of water management problems will be possible by finding an effective, elegant and especially simpler way with the use of knowledge and expert systems. Knowledge and expert systems are very effective tools for working and exploiting important knowledge about the operations and control of complicated systems. Such systems are water management systems, which have specific dynamic properties and their real-time control proceeds often in conditions of uncertainty. Expert systems are above all much preferable for operation than conventional algorithms because they are able to imitate logical thinking of the human factor. For solving problems in water management it is necessary to use, what has been until now, a nonexistent methodology. Systems of knowledge management can be suitably adapted to be helpful for extreme situations and for training purposes. It is not always possible for operatives to be involved in solving problems of extreme flood situations in real time, which did happen in the recent past in the Czech Republic. Recent experience of managing flood situations in the year 2002 has highlighted the necessity to methodically develop the generally applicable, fundamental, operational and decision making rules behind extreme situations. It is necessary to do this as soon as possible, in order not to loose recently gained valuable knowledge and experience. Knowledge technologies have now been employed in a number of different areas and the results of these projects can be used as a theoretical background for implementing of knowledge management tools to the water management companies. Keywords: water management, knowledge and information technologies, optimization of control.


water management, knowledge and information technologies, optimization of control.