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Indoor Air Quality In Portugal: Technical, Institutional And Policy Challenges In The Implementation Of The Directive On The Energy Performance Of Buildings (work In Progress)


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A. R. de Oliveira, A. T. Perez & A. Morais


The implementation in 2006 of the Directive 2002/91/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 December 2002 on the energy performance of buildings in Portugal has brought new responsibilities to the Portuguese Institute for the Environment, namely the supervision of the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) aspects in the Energy and IAQ National Certification in Buildings law. Following the transposition of the European Directive into Portuguese law, a Protocol was signed in July 2006, laying down the foundation for the establishment of qualified independent experts, in terms of minimum requirements and accreditation process. Part of the role of the Institute for the Environment in this implementation process is to initiate, administer and participate in establishing an IAQ accreditation process to qualify a first tier of independent IAQ experts. These in turn will be responsible for future accreditation sessions. In preparation for this process, the Institute for the Environment has been initiating supervising and participating in the development of IAQ Certification and Management Plans, as well as in the IAQ accreditation courses that will take place in Portugal from October 2006 until April 2007. This paper presents some aspects of the IAQ plans and procedures developed in Portugal for this effect. It sheds light on some of the technical, institutional, and policy challenges and highlights some of the constraints encountered so far. Special attention is given to the investment in the harmonization of existing IAQ knowledge, practices and procedures, and the effort needed to fill in some of the knowledge gaps observed. Keywords: IAQ accreditation, IAQ Management Plans, IAQ Certification of Buildings, Portuguese IAQ policies.


IAQ accreditation, IAQ Management Plans, IAQ Certification of Buildings, Portuguese IAQ policies.