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NOx Adsorbent Formulation Research By Uniform Design


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Y. L. Wang, J. Li, H. Ji & Y.-Q. Jin


In order to develop a nitric oxides adsorbent, some kinds of natural minerals were used in the presented study. A series of adsorbents were prepared according to uniform design and the adsorbing abilities were determined. The regression equations were drawn and the best formulation named JA was obtained from the equations. JA was prepared according to the formulation, and the adsorbability was also determined. Results showed that the absorbent JA can adsorb 156.7mg of NO and 289.9mg of NO2 simultaneously in 3 hrs and the saturated adsorption quantity of NOx is 22.2% in experiment conditions, which is far better than that of active carbon. Comparing with traditional orthogonal design, experiments designed by uniform design can attain the purpose by fewer experiments. It can also obtain quantitative regression equations accurately on the basis of the results of the experiments. The equations are also helpful in results analysis. Keywords: formulation experiment design, uniform design, NOx adsorbent. 1 Introduction Most NOx in the atmosphere exist as NO and NO2. The NOx produced by human activity are primarily discharged from flue gas and secondly from chemical processes; for instance, nitric acid production, nitration process, explosive material production and nitric acid pickling process. In the above mentioned chemical processes NOx is always discharged together with nitric acid mist. There are many researches on NOx in flue gas, such as selective catalysis reduction (SCR), selective nocatalysis reduction (SNCR), etc. This presented study is aimed at the NOx of low concentration discharged from chemical processes.


formulation experiment design, uniform design, NOx adsorbent.