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Simplified Reading Of One-year Air Pollution: Ranking Of Chemical And Physical Variables


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M. C. Mura


This study offers a simple tool to simplify reading of one-calendar-year pollution. Average-concentration and monthly-persistence distributions of chemical pollutants in the troposphere and of meteorological variables are ranked, analysed by means of a non-parametric technique and depicted in a non-parametric space. Sign test is used for ensembles of paired monthly-data related to nitrogen total oxides and ozone, temperature and pressure, continually detected by a survey station of the Network for air-quality control in Rome. Ranks describe atmospheric pollution in one calendar year; pollution is represented in one single graph, where mutual behaviours of variables can be analysed by application of the relational model depending on results of testing paired variables. As a consequence of this non-parametric combination (ranking chemical and physical atmospheric variables + test) an easy graphic model of pollutant behaviour in one-year climatic oscillations is available. The current dataset dates back to 1994 since each series was almost complete and meteorological variables were available; moreover, the survey station remained fixed in one position all year long. Keywords: metropolitan area, Rome, hourly concentration of pollutants, behavioural model. 1 Introduction Analysis and representation of pollution phenomena in non-parametric spaces is not usual in management of chemical and physical air data; even so, nonparametric tests prove essential for small samples; these tests are common in


metropolitan area, Rome, hourly concentration of pollutants, behavioural model.