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Barriers And Opportunities To Successful Local Air Quality Management Consultation In England


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N. S. Leksmono, F. Burnet, P. Dorfman, D. C. Gibbs, J. W. S. Longhurst & E. L. C. Weitkamp


England now has some 10 years experience of the Local Air Quality Management (LAQM) process where local authorities are required to consult on their air quality findings with stakeholders and the public. The statutory basis for consultation is provided by the Environment Act 1995, part IV; the Act and subsequence Policy Guidance identify a range of statutory and non statutory consultees, including the public where it is appropriate that their views are taken into account in the local authority’s decisions about LAQM. This paper will present the outcomes of a 2 year Economic and Social Research Council funded programme addressing how local authorities in England have discharged their air quality duties and responsibilities. Evidence from a questionnaire survey and case studies is presented. Data suggest that although local authorities genuinely attempt to engage with all stakeholders, current consultation processes are not working as well as they could. This suggests a re-think on the form and function of LAQM consultation processes is required. Barriers for and opportunities to effective consultation will be considered and the paper will conclude with a set of parameters that define an integrated LAQM consultation process. Keywords: consultation, air quality management, England.


consultation, air quality management, England.