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Hybrid transmissions for the optimisation of the efficiency of internal combustion engines


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Volume 4 (2020), Issue 4



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321 - 329

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F. Concli & C. Nezzi


Eco-friendly technologies, such as renewable energies, represent the future. The field of automotive is moving in this direction as well, especially with the introduction of hybridisation to reduce fuel consumptions. This paper presents a methodology aimed to optimise the internal combustion engine (ICE) efficiency with a new concept of continuously variable transmission (CVT). The starting point of the research is the investigation of the fuel consumption of a representative powertrain in different driving cycles; numerical simulations provides detailed information about fuel efficiency in the case of real and ideal ICE working conditions (manual transmission vs. ideal CVT). End scope of the work is to explore the possible optimisation of the ICE consumptions, aiming at the achievement of a reduction of the pollutant emissions and an increase of its efficiency by means of innovative system architectures. 


CVT, driving cycle, efficiency, fuel consumption, hybrid transmissions, ICE, optimisation