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Study on coupling of smooth particle method with finite elements based on mesh–particle matching degree


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Volume 9 (2019), Issue 3



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261 - 268


Jun Liu, Pei Wang & Anmin He


In this paper, a new algorithm coupling the finite element and smooth particle methods is proposed. It is an improved algorithm based on the hybrid coupling method. By calculating the mesh–particle matching degree, the new method can better deal with a poor mesh–particle matching relationship. The coupling algorithm can also ensure the transmission of tension and shear stress and the natural discon- nection of the contact surface. The comparison of impact simulation shows that the algorithm can deal with mesh–particle separation and re-compaction better, and the coupling interface force is smooth and non-oscillatory. Finally, the new coupling algorithm is applied to the detonation driving problem, and the calculated results are in good agreement with the experimental results.


coupling method, finite element, smooth particle method, virtual particle.