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On the determinants of a successful, sustainable-driven adaptive reuse: A multiple regression approach


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Volume 15 (2020), Issue 1



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1 - 13

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Despo S. Parpas & Andreas l. Savvides


The purpose of this paper is to outline an ongoing research, examining the determinants of a successful, sustainable-driven development. The practice of adaptive reuse is connected with sustainable development and although it is widely believed that mainly economic factors drive possible development schemes, it is found through this research that, in the case of adaptive reuse, there are some other contributing criteria. The methodological tool implemented to obtain the results is multiple regression analysis and the contributions included in the model are based on the fields of socio-economics, culture and the environment. These vital contributions are key components of both the practice of adaptive reuse and sustainable-driven developments of the built environment. The advantage gained by applying statistical methods to examine multi-criteria cases is the possibility for well-justified observations; these are intended to be valuable tools for decision makers and involved stakeholders aiming to achieve successful sustainable adaptations. Although  the findings presented in this paper are derived from research data collected in Cyprus, the methodological approach could be applied to a broader context, hence leading to more universal conclusions.


adaptive reuse, multi-criteria analysis, multiple linear regression analysis, sustainability- driven development.