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How to reinterpret an alpine eco-monster. Application of the method of choice experiments for the design of a reuse project


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Volume 14 (2019), Issue 3



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260 - 272

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Marta Bottero, Antonio De Rossi, Andrea Ponzetto & Davide Viano


This paper deals with the role of evaluation methods for supporting the design process of sustainable urban and territorial transformations. In particular, the article considers the technique of Choice Experiments (CE) and it proposes a real application of the method for driving the decision-making process related to the reuse project of an abandoned building located in the Italian Alps. The evaluation model is based on different attributes of the reuse project, both tangible and intangible, including internal organization, external areas, accommodation structures and cost. In the evaluation, a questionnaire has been developed for the investigation of the preferences of potential users with reference to alternative reuse scenarios. The results of the application allowed us to determine the importance of the different attributes for the definition of the reuse strategy as well as the economic value of the selected strategy. The study proposed in this paper represents an innovative context of application of the CE method, regarding the economic evaluation of architectural buildings and landscape. A second innovative ele- ment of the present research concerns the use of the Choice Experiments approach for supporting the design of alternative solutions for a complex decision making problem.


Decision making, Strategic design, Adaptive reuse, Stated preferences, Regeneration processes, Mountain.