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Evaluation on the eco-innovation level of the tourism industry in Heilongjiang Province, China: From the perspective of dynamic evolution and spatial difference


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Volume 14 (2019), Issue 3



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202 - 215

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Zi Tang, Lin Liu, Xiaohong Li, Changbo Shi, Na Zhang, Zhengjie Zhu & Jun Bi


The eco-innovation level of the tourism industry may solve the dilemma between tourism innovation and ecological protection. It is an effective method for promoting industry upgrade and sustainable development of tourism economy. This paper established an index system based on pressure-state- response-PSR  model and evaluated the dynamic change and spatial difference of the eco-innovation level of the tourism industry in Heilongjiang Province by using entropy weight method. The results show that tourism eco-innovation level has been increasing year by year with greater population and environmental  pressure from 2005 to 2016. There are obvious differences in each region. In Harbin, tourism eco-innovation level is the highest and the pressure is also greater. The following region is Daxinganling which lacks innovation investment. The index values of other regions are lower and the ability of tourism eco-innovation is weaker. The research results offer references for making policy on tourism innovation and ecotourism development in Heilongjiang  Province under the background of ecological civilization. 


Dynamic Evolution; Heilongjiang Province; PSR Model; Spatial Difference; Tourism Eco-Innovation.