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Key factors hindering sustainable procurement in the Brazilian public sector: A Delphi study


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Volume 14 (2019), Issue 2



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152 - 171

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Bruno B.F. Da Costa & Ana Lúcia T.S. Da Motta


The modern lifestyle has resulted in a gradual dismantling of the vital services offered by nature, putting human existence at risk. In this sense, it is understood as a Public Administration responsibility the active participation in the promotion of sustainable consumption and production strategies, not only through public policies implementation, but also through its abundant purchasing power. Thus, the present investigation aims to identify and classify the main barriers that have hampered the massive application of sustainable public procurement (SPP) in Brazil. The proposed objective was achieved through a Delphi study. A panel of experts identified 32 main obstacles for SPP implementation, which were subsequently ranked according to a five-point Likert scale. The results suggest that, among all the barriers identified, 10 are the leading factors that hinder the implementation of SPPs in the Brazilian public sector. The findings of this paper, therefore, provide a valuable reference for experts and practitioners in the selection of the obstacles that must be firstly overcome to stimulate the application of SPPs. 


Barriers, Brazil, Delphi study, public sector, sustainable consumption, sustainable production, sustainable public procurement