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Energy engineering and consulting: New challenges and reality


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Volume 5 (2020), Issue 3



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272 - 284

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L. D. Gitelman, V. A. Silbermann, M. V. Kozhevnikov, A. Y. Makarov & D. G. Sandler


This article presents the results of studies that the authors conducted proceeding from a hypothesis that an increase of crises phenomena in the global economy, uncertainty, and higher risk along with the growing use of digital smart technology apply radically new requirements on knowledge-intensive services in the energy sector. The sector of management consulting and engineering services, which constitute the backbone of knowledge-intensive services, is faced with a new role of providing a mix of services addressing the tasks of devising anticipatory actions amid uncertainty and crisis based on forecasting. Analysis of changes in business models and the content of services indicate their strong capacity for smart logistics of complex projects, knowledge transfer in cooperation with universities and innovation institutions, managing the development of flexible technological and product solutions, and competency development in network teams. This article offers a detailed elaboration of an up-to-date conceptual framework of engineering and management consulting; provides an overview of global trends; and presents a case study of collaboration problems that emerge in cross-disciplinary teams working on smart grid projects and projects of energy supply in cities based on smart grid technology. A model of proactive management and anticipatory personnel training in energy companies is proposed. This article describes the skillset needed for implementing a concept of integrated knowledge-intensive services for technological modernization and digitalization of the energy sector.


anticipatory training, breakthrough team, engineering, knowledge-intensive services, management consulting, proactive management, smart grid, sustainable energetics, technology modernization.