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The Heraclitean nature of time in the platform for life and its relationship with Parmenidean reality


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Volume 12 (2017), Issue 2



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143 - 155




Any phenomenon which can artificially change the rate at which time passes must describe natural statistical variations truly and to the altered time-scale. These necessary criteria are specified here in terms of correlation coefficients. The strange nature of Heraclitean time is examined further. Accepting the limited present scientific knowledge available, it seems reasonable that quantum decoherence can explain the development of Heraclitean time from Parmenidean true reality with regard to present and future time. However, past-time is far more mysterious and alternative possible suggestions are considered. Experimental clarification of these would be expensive and difficult. This depends on our ability to extend the coherence time of the wave function in Schrödinger’s equation in the present instant. It seems that this is the only feature of time available to us for experimental examination. It also seems that the best way to achieve experimental success is to exploit present-day developments in qubit design in quantum computer research which faces the same basic technical problem.


Darwinian evolution, Heraclitean time, Parmenidean time, quantum decoherence, quantum entanglement, qubit design.