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Effects of vertical green technology on building surface temperature


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Volume 13 (2018), Issue 4



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384 - 394

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I. Blanco, E. Schettini & G. Vox


A sustainable technology for improving the energy efficiency of buildings is the use of urban greening in order to reduce the energy consumption for air conditioning in summer and to increase the thermal insulation in winter. A worldwide growing interest in urban green is encouraging the application of the greening technology for more sustainable buildings. Building indoor air temperature depends on several different parameters related to the climate of the region, the building itself and its use. The main parameters influencing the microclimate are: external air temperature and relative humidity, incident solar radiation, long wave radiation exchange between the building surfaces and its surroundings, wind velocity and direction, air exchanges, physical and thermal properties of the building’s envelope mate- rials, design variables such as building dimensions and orientation, presence of artificial light, electrical equipment. green façades can allow the physical shading of the building and promote evapotranspiration in summer and increase the thermal insulation in winter. External wall surface temperature is a parameter useful to assess the effectiveness of green façades. an experimental test was carried out at the university  of bari (italy) for three years. Three vertical walls, made with perforated bricks, were tested: two were covered with evergreen plants (Pandorea jasminoides variegated and Rhynco- spermum jasminoides) while the third wall was kept uncovered and used as control. Several climatic parameters concerning the walls and the ambient conditions were collected during the experimental test. The experimental data were used for developing a multiple regression equation regarding the dependence of the difference of external surface temperature between the green façades and the control wall and the weather conditions. The model shows a good predicting ability.


air-conditioning, energy savings, green walls, regression model, urban agriculture, urban heat island.