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Effects of mobile application to the public transportation and future editing: Istanbul case


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Volume 10 (2015), Issue 4



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336 - 343

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It has been possible to see the effects of vertiginous enhancements in every sector by the side of technologic developments. Especially in communication sector, these developments have been seen in the form of paradigms. Wrapping of fibre optic network cables around the world quickly, increasing the number of communication satellites, and internet becoming a normal part of life have been made easier for people’s communications. However, developments in communication tools have fostered to change not only human behaviours but also organization business processes. Organizations had begun to change their organizational structure very fast synchronously with these developments from approach of total quality, strategic planning to customer centric approach. Nowadays, thanks to smart mobile phones, organizations can get in touch with their customers more easily than ever, they can understand customer’s needs, even needs that have not emerged yet, and in the direction of these needs they carry out R&D processes and new product development processes. Technologic developments in communication sector had changed not only customer centric business processes but also internal transactions of organizations, and also had ensured serious increase in productivity. In this paper, development of technologies has been evaluated and has been examined in the dimension of public transportation planning, and clues have been searched for question of how will be future by giving a place to IETTs’ (Istanbul Electricity, Tunnel and Tramway, Istanbul Public Transportation Authority) studies in these fields.


analytics, IETT, public transportation planning, smart application, smart phone, web.