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Structural modelling investigation of reciprocally supported element lattice honeycomb domes


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Volume 5 (2017), Issue 4



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432 - 441




Reciprocally supported element (RSE) lattice honeycomb dome structures have the ability to support considerable loading via their composition of interconnected closed circuits of elements. Distinctively, these dome structures use only three elements in each circuit. To understand the structural behaviour of these RSE lattice domes, a structural modelling investigation was carried out. Global linear elas- tic analysis was considered where the behaviour of the structure under the application of loading on selected elements was monitored. The aim of the modelling was to investigate the influencing factors to monitor for model calibration as well as to compare predicted structural behaviour output with future monitored behaviour in laboratory experiments involving the manufacture and construction of an RSE lattice honeycomb dome structure. The creation of the selected RSE honeycomb lattice structures together with the structural modelling findings are presented and discussed. Predicted displacements and stresses were compared under varying boundary support conditions. The von Mises ductile material failure criterion showing the onset of local yielding is considered.


honeycomb domes, reciprocally supported elements, space structures, structural behaviour, structural modelling.