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Sustainable Water Resources Management

Authors: I.G. Malkina-Pykh and Y. Pykh, Russian Academy of Sciences, St Petersburg, Russia


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The Sustainable World

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Water is not only essential to sustain life, but also to the support of ecosystems, economic development, community well being, and cultural values. Professionals in water resources have an obligation to plan and manage water resource systems so that they will fully contribute to an improved quality of life for all people, now and in the future. Water resource systems that can satisfy the changing demands inevitably placed on them without significant system degradation can rightly be called sustainable.

Discussing some of the fundamental factors and approaches connected with water sustainability, this book provides a broad introduction to the subject. Written for both advanced undergraduates and first-year postgraduates in water resources, technology and planning and such related areas as water economics, water-society links and water impacts on the global environment, it will also be of interest to the many professionals in industries concerned with water technology, management and systems sustainability. Others who will find this volume useful include those active in water project management, water information systems, systems analysis and simulation of water systems.


SET: Sustainable Energy / Sustainable Food and Agriculture / Sustainable Water Resources Management

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