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Atmosphere-Ocean Interactions Volume 1

Atmosphere-Ocean Interactions Volume 1

Edited By: W. Perrie, Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Canada


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Advances in Fluid Mechanics

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In recent years intense scientific research has been devoted to the understanding of atmosphere-ocean interactions. This prominence is related to increased numbers of people living in coastal regions and depending on the oceans for a variety of interests including recreational activities, fisheries and aquaculture, marine transport and shipping, studies of marine ecosystems, and offshore oil and gas developments. Improvements in operational forecasts for marine storm tracks and storm intensities, and their climatologies, have therefore been required.

This book presents a survey of several of the key mechanisms that are important for marine storms and their development. The chapters are self-contained and focus on basic considerations of marine storms in atmosphere-ocean systems, coupled model simulations of marine storms, and longer time-scales, including climate change scenarios.


A second volume on atmosphere-ocean interactions (ISBN: 978-1-85312-929-2) is also available. It continues and expands on some of the topics covered in Volume 1 and aims to present several of the key mechanisms that are important for the development of marine storms.

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