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Computer Aided Design of Wire Structures

Frequency and Time Domain Analysis

Authors: D. POLJAK, V. DORIC and S. ANTONIJEVIC, University of Split, Croatia


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Advances in Electrical Engineering and Electromagnetics

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The modelling of radiation and scattering of arrays composed of straight thin wires is a very important topic, not only in antenna theory and applications, but also in many electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) related applications. This book, accompanied by the related TWiNS (Thin Wire Numerical Solver) software package (on a CD) is an extension of the book by D. Poljak entitled Electromagnetic Modelling of Wire Antenna Structures, which is dedicated to the analysis of thin wires in frequency and time domains via an integral equation approach.

Computer Aided Design of Wire Structures, extends the issue of the aforementioned book, and deals with an analysis of thin wire arrays in the frequency and time domain via the TWiNS code. Using this code, it is possible to calculate the corresponding current distribution, near and far field, radiation pattern and input impedance.

This book is divided into two parts. The first part is concerned with the theoretical background and the frequency and time domain numerical modelling procedures for thin wire arrays on which the TWiNS code has been based. Frequency and time domain GB-IBEM procedures implemented in the TWiNS code are presented in detail. Many illustrative computational examples pertaining not only to academic, but also to some real world problems, are also enclosed.

The second part of the book is devoted to the description of the TWiNS code and contains the complete user manual together with some worked examples related to the frequency and time domain examples of wire arrays.

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