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Modelling of High Complexity Systems with Applications

Modelling of High Complexity Systems with Applications

Authors: F. Stãnciulescu, Research Institute for Informatics, Bucharest, Romania


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This book is a research monograph, of an interdisciplinary scope, that brings together complexity system analysis, hybrid modelling and simulation, knowledge-based and fuzzy control engineering. The author takes PC-based numerical insights into solving natural systems problems, and man-developed systems problems, and exemplifies all his assertions.

The book sets out to provide new methods and techniques for computer modelling of high complexity systems. Development of simulation and control techniques, and of problem-solving applications, is the aim.

Modelling of High Complexity Systems addresses a large readership: computer scientists, system analysts, modellers, simulationists, control engineers, naturalists, ecologists, environment experts and managers, teachers, students/masters of science, doctoral students and others. Attached disk or CD provides the application software for modelling, simulation and control of high complexity natural systems, e.g. ecological systems (big lakes, rivers, river deltas, soil systems, forests, agro-ecosystems) and for environmental protection (diffusion of industrial chemical pollutants in urban atmosphere, air quality control).

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