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The Method of Response Function in Ecology

The Method of Response Function in Ecology

Authors: Y.A. PYKH, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia and I.G. MALKINA-PYKH, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia


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In the mathematical modelling of a process, observation of data is used both to specify or refine the mathematical model and to analyse this by comparison with existing or new mathematical tools. The model will ultimately be used to predict or prescribe the future dynamics of the desired process and it is therefore essential to verify its performance over an actual course of events.

This volume presents a new approach to the construction of ecological models based on a generalised version of the response function method. Using this, all essential features of ecosystem processes, such as complexity, unknown mechanisms, multidimensionality, uncertainty, and irreducibility, can be taken into account. The authors apply the method to a variety of environmental problems and a CD-ROM containing demonstration versions of four models discussed is included.

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