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Intra and Extracorporeal Cardiovascular Fluid Dynamics - 2 Volume Set

Intra and Extracorporeal Cardiovascular Fluid Dynamics - 2 Volume Set

Edited By: P. Verdonck, University of Gent, Belgium and K. Perktold, Technical University Graz, Austria


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Book Series Title

Advances in Fluid Mechanics

Book Series

22 & 23





This book contains a collection of expert reviews of new computational techniques to simulate blood-wall interaction in the cardiovascular system. It is the result of two three-day courses organised within the COMETT (Community Action Programme for Education and Training for Technology) programme of the European Community and many of the contributors are active members of international biomedical organisations such as the IFMBE, the ESEM, the ESAO, the INFA, and the ESB.

Featuring a collection of expert reviews in lecture note format, the text provides both a comprehensive introduction for students and a state-of-the-art guide for investigators working in the fascinating and complex field of computational cardiovascular mechanics. A companion volume Intra and Extracorporeal Cardiovascular Fluid Dynamics: Volume 1 – General Principles in Application is also available from WIT Press (see details below).

Contents – Volume 2: Introduction to the Physiology of the Circulation of Blood; Flow-Structure Interactions in Biomechanics; Wave Propagation and Left Ventricular Blood-Wall Interaction; Left Heart Fluid Mechanics; Ventricular Mechanics During the Ejection Phase; Numerical and Analytical Models of Artificial Heart Valves; Mass Transport in Large Arteries and Through the Artery Wall; Finite Element Modeling of Blood Flow - Relevance to Atherosclerosis; Flow Investigation in Deformable Arteries; Flow in Stented Arteries.

Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer
Advances in Fluid Dynamics with emphasis on Multiphase and Complex Flow