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Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer

Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer

Emerging Topics

Edited By: R.S. Amano, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA and B. Sundén, Lund University, Sweden


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Developments in Heat Transfer

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The main focus of this book is to introduce computational methods for fluid flow and heat transfer to scientists, engineers, educators, and graduate students who are engaged in developing and/or using computer codes. The topics range from basic methods such as a finite difference, finite volume, finite element, large eddy simulation, and direct numerical simulation to advanced, and Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH).

The objective is to present the current state-of-the-art for simulating fluid flow and heat transfer phenomena in engineering applications.  Heat transfer and fluid flow issues are of great significance and it is likely that a state-of-the-art edited book with reference to new and innovative numerical methods will make a contribution for researchers in both academia and research organizations, as well as industrial scientists and college students.

The book contains 12 chapters written by eminent researchers in the field, divided into the following four parts: Part I: Finite Volume Method: Part II: Finite Element Method: Part IV: Turbulent Flow Computations/Large Eddy Simulation/Direct Numerical Simulation:Part V: Advanced Simulation Modelling Technologies.

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Advanced Computational Methods and Experiments in Heat Transfer X
Advanced Computational Methods in Heat Transfer III
Advanced Computational Methods and Experiments in Heat Transfer XII