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Recent Advances in Analysis of Heat Transfer for Fin Type Surfaces

Recent Advances in Analysis of Heat Transfer for Fin Type Surfaces

Edited By: B. Sundén, Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden and P.J. Heggs, UMIST, UK


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Developments in Heat Transfer

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"Some of the contents of this book should be of definite interest to those who want to keep up to date in this technology area."

Heat Transfer Engineering


This volume is concerned with the heat transfer from extended surfaces, such as fins attached to a primary transfer surface. These are used extensively within heat exchanges and on heat transfer equipment to ensure that a specified rate of heat transfer is achieved between a heat source and sink. All of the chapters come from invited contributors and follow a unified outline and presentation.

Contents: Overview of Extended Surface Heat Transfer – Fins; Coupled Forced Convection, Conduction and Thermal Radiation of a Rectangular Fin in a Confined Space; Mechanistic Investigation of the Performance of a Triangular Fin; Conjugate Free and Mixed Convection Heat Transfer from a Vertical Fin Embedded in a Porous Medium; About Fin Performance and Optimization; Two-Dimensional Effects in Extended Surface Assessment; Steady-State Heat Transfer and Performance Assessment; Multi-Louvred Fin Surfaces; Methodology for the Design of Multi-Stream Plate-Fin Heat Exchangers; Incorporation of a Consideration of Operability into the Design of Multi-Stream Heat Exchangers.

Introduction to Heat Transfer
Introduction to Heat Transfer
Advanced Boundary Elements for Heat Transfer