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Ecological Dimensions for Sustainable Socio Economic Development

Ecological Dimensions for Sustainable Socio Economic Development

Edited By: A. Yáñez-Arancibia and R. Dávalos-Sotelo, Instituto De Ecología A.C., México; J.W. Day, Louisiana State University, USA; E. Reyes, East Carolina University, USA


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This book fills a gap in the literature on environmental sustainability by addressing the topic from the perspective of social and economic development. Progress in understanding and achieving sustainability requires the integration of scientific, social, economic, and legal issues. Yet progress in understanding and achieving sustainability will only be achieved through integration of scientific, social, economic, and legal aspects. A treatise on environmental sustainability should raise the current state of knowledge by proposing and recommending decision-making efforts and breaking new ground with agendas aimed for the younger generation. These younger scientists will be confronted with future uncertainty related to the set of crises that characterise the 21st Century (e.g. ecological, social, food, energy, environmental, climatic, financial, etc.).

Currently, there are a number of indicators that demonstrate that ecological conditions are being compromised globally. These include reduced primary productivity, reduction in biological complexity, spreading pollution such as eutrophication, ecological degradation in any continental/basin/coastal/sea ecosystem, reduction in biodiversity, lowered resilience and slow recovery of damaged ecosystems, and reduced ecological integrity. All of these problems are related to social and economic pressure. The challenge for most ecological systems is not only to establish the baseline for current ecosystem conditions, but also to explore options for recovery and sustainability. The latter involves ecological restoration where ecosystem and environmental services are maintained and enhanced. These services are essential to social integration and economic development.

This book not only introduces a theoretical and conceptual framework for the topic, but also analyses the uncertainty for sustainability because of dwindling natural resources. It includes contributions providing a basis for public policies, case studies integrating concepts and tools for solutions, and a set of position papers addressing new agenda topics that will shape the 21st century. The book will be useful for researchers, professors and students alike, as well as for all stakeholders from social, economic and academic sectors.

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