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Mechanics of Real Fluids

Authors: M. Rahman, Dalhousie University, Canada


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Fluid mechanics is one of the most major areas of successful applications of mathematics. It can be considered as one of the branches of applied mathematics. Although fluid motion is concerned in both gas or liquids, as both of them are fluids, this book mainly deals with the motion of liquids in general, and water in particular. The theory of fluid mechanics has grown so considerably in recent years that study of the mechanics of fluids is important in many aspects of our real life.

Covering an important area of applied mathematics, this books forms a compendium of the work of many pioneering authors and of research works from throughout the author’s career. It explains theory clearly and provides applications. It is intended to provide background for young scientists and graduate students as well as applied mathematicians and professional engineers. Some knowledge of vector calculus including the integral theorems such as Green’s theorem, Stokes’s theorem and divergence theorem is assumed on the part of the reader. Isotropic tensor calculus is used sparingly in some chapters. A familiarity with the Bessel functions, Legendre polynomials and hypergeometric functions is also expected.

Solitary Waves in Fluids
Discontinuum Mechanics
New Solutions in Contact Mechanics