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Flow Phenomena in Nature - 2 Volume Set

Edited By: R.J. Liebe, Siemens Power Generation, Mulheim, Germany


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Book Series Title

Design & Nature

Book Series

7 & 8





Do we have an adequate understanding of fluid dynamics phenomena in nature and evolution, and what physical models do we need? What can we learn from nature to stimulate innovations in thinking as well as in engineering applications?

Concentrating on flight and propulsion, this unique and accessible two-volume set of books compares fluid dynamics solutions in nature with those in engineering. The topics range from up-to-date research to innovative product design.

The respected international contributors present up-to-date research in an easy to understand manner, giving common viewpoints from fields such as zoology, engineering, biology, fluid mechanics and physics. This transdisciplinary approach eliminates barriers and opens wider perspectives. 

These books will be of interest to anyone who is keen to understand nature and evolution, as well as researchers, lecturers, postgraduates and students who are keen to understand nature and evolution. Product developers in the fields of application of engineering or medicine will also be interested in the practical side for future research and development proposals.


Flow Phenomena in Nature, Volume 1

Flow Phenomena in Nature, Volume 2

Flow Phenomena in Nature Volume 1
Flow Phenomena in Nature Volume 2
Transport Phenomena in Fires