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Computers in Sport

Edited By: P. Dabnichki, Queen Mary, University of London, UK; A. Baca, University of Vienna, Austria


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The concepts and the possibilities provided by information and communication technologies have influenced and changed practically all aspects of our daily life. Sport and leisure activities are no exception at all from this observation. The present book offers snapshots of situations where Information Technology (IT; i.e., computer hardware and software) has been really helpful in supporting sporting activities, or has the potential to do so. This is due to the ever increasing processing power, and to IT’s capability of modelling and solving problems which are of great help for a variety of sports disciplines.

The present book offers a wealth of information, including the following subject areas:

• Coaching and training

• Biomedical modelling and motion analysis

• Development of new sport games

• Sports and robotics

• New management

The area of sports (and in particular the support of sports through IT) is a particularly delicate one. Many ethical issues need to be addressed (e.g., in biomechanics), and computers can comparably easily be misused. Experience indicates that some (athletes or managers) will stop short at nothing if they can profit from it.

The present book is a very important step in order to improve the visibility of "computers and sport" as a discipline which is of highest relevance for the future – both scientifically and economically.

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