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Environmental Exposure and Health

Environmental Exposure and Health

Edited By: M.M. ARAL, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, C.A. Brebbia, Wessex Institute of Technology, UK, M.L. MASLIA, ATSDR/CDC, USA and T. SINKS, ATSDR/CDC, USA


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Current environmental management policies aim to achieve a harmonious balance between the development of economic resources and the preservation of the environment with the ultimate goal of reaching sustainability while improving the health, safety and prosperity of the population. This approach involves taking acceptable risks in terms of the environment, human health and the economy, an interdisciplinary activity that requires close cooperation between several scientific and engineering fields.

This volume features contributions from health specialists, social and physical scientists and engineers originally presented at the First International Conference on Environmental Exposure and Health . The papers included cover areas such as: Air exposure modelling and assessment; Indoor air quality and exposure; Emerging water contaminants: environmental fate and health effects; Exposure-dose reconstruction; Biomarkers in exposure studies; Chemical mixtures and exposure; Health risk analysis; Exposure monitoring and modelling; Environmental impact and exposure; and Communication and social issues in environmental exposure.

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