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Computational Ballistics II

Computational Ballistics II

Edited By: V. Sanchez-Galvez, Univ Politecnica de Madrid, Spain, C.A. Brebbia, Wessex Institute of Technology, UK, A.A. Motta, Brazilian Navy, Brazil and C.E. Anderson, Southwest Research Institute, USA


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This book features most of the papers presented at the International Conference on Computational Ballistics . The contents stress the importance and possibilities of numerical simulation on internal, external and terminal ballistics, to describe, analyse, predict and subsequently reduce the experimental requirements in ballistics.

Ballistics, as a science, relates to a great variety of phenomena that occurs from the moment an object or projectile is fired until its effects are observed in a target. Ballistic studies include applications as varied as the study of the structural and control behaviour of rockets and satellites; strikes on aircraft, terrorist attacks and automobile crashworthiness modelling, to name but a few.

Many of the basic problems of ballistics are similar to those in other fields of applications, such as combustion, heat conduction, in-flight structural behaviour, trajectory related issues, contact, impact, penetration, structural response to shock waves and many others.

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