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Sustainable Development and Planning IX

Edited By: C.A. Brebbia Wessex Institute, UK; J. Longhurst University of the West of England, UK; E. Marco University of the West of England, UK; C. Booth University of the West of England, UK


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Containing papers presented at the 9th International Conference on Sustainable Development and Planning this volume brings together the work of academics, policy makers, practitioners and other international stakeholders and discusses new academic findings and their application in planning and development strategies, assessment tools and decision making processes.

Problems related to development and planning are present in all areas and regions of the world. Accelerated urbanisation has resulted in both the deterioration of the environment and quality of life. Taking into consideration the interaction between different regions and developing new methodologies for monitoring, planning and implementation, new strategies can offer solutions mitigating environmental pollution and non-sustainable use of available resources.

Energy saving and eco-friendly buildings have become an important part of modern day progress with emphasis on resource optimisation. Planning is a key part in ensuring that these solutions along with new materials and processes are efficiently incorporated. Planners, environmentalists, architects, engineers and economists have to work collectively to ensure that present and future needs are met.

The papers in the book cover a number of topics, including: City planning; Urban architecture; Regional planning; Sustainability and the built environment; Environmental management; Cultural heritage; Quality of life; Sustainable solutions in emerging countries; Sustainable tourism; Transportation; Community planning; Timber structures; Governance; Socio-economic issues; Mobility in the city; Energy efficiency; Education for sustainable development; Case studies; Sustainable development indicators.

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