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Complex Systems

Fundamentals & Applications

Edited By: G. Rzevski, The Open University, UK; C.A. Brebbia, Wessex Institute of Technology, UK


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The papers contained in this volume were originally presented at the 2015 International Conference on Complex Systems in Business, Administration, Science and Engineering.  Included are the latest works of practitioners from a variety of disciplines who have developed new approaches for resolving complex issues that cannot be formulated using conventional, mathematical or software models.

Complex Systems occur in an infinite variety of problems, not only in the realm of physical sciences and engineering, but also in such diverse fields as economics, the environment, humanities, and social and political sciences.

The papers in the book cover such topics as: Complex ecological systems; Complexity science and urban developments; Complex energy systems; Complex issues in biological and medical sciences; Extreme events: natural and human made disasters; Climate change; Complexity of the internetbased global market; Complex business processes; Supply chain complexity; Transportation complexity; Logistics complexity; Closed and open systems; Attractions and chaotic systems; Complex adaptive software; Complexity of big data; Management of complexity; Global economy as a complex system; Complexity in social systems; Complex political systems; Administrations as complex systems; Complexity in engineering; Complexity and environment; Complexity and evolution; Complexity in linguistics, literature and arts.

Complex Systems
Complex Systems Studies
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