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Response Of Laminated Arches To Impact Loads


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P. P. Procházka & A. E. Yiakoumi


In various structures arches of a circular shape are exposed to impact loading. Such structures involve the linings of tunnels of different kinds, cockpits of aircrafts, parts of submersibles, etc. The problem is solved as pseudo three-dimensional, i.e. generalized plane strain is considered after introducing the development of time and hoop direction to the Fourier series. This assumption is in very good compliance with the natural behavior of the above mentioned structures and moreover, it enables us to describe mathematically several phenomena such as dissipation layers inside the arches, optimal distribution of reinforcement, and so on. In the radial direction the linear finite element like approach is introduced. The reason for this is the fact that the layers are considered thin enough and the explicit solution leads us to Bessel functions, which are not transparent enough. The base functions in the hoop direction are selected for simply supported arches, but the generalization of the prescribed supports is possible using the application of auspicious moments (rotations) at the end lines. Keywords: circular laminated arches, semianalytical method, dumper layer, impact load. 1 Introduction In this paper the vibration of laminated cylindrical arches subject to excitation loading is solved in the generalized plane strain state. The application can be seen in a wide scale of applications, such as in the fields of the assessment of elements of submersibles, airplanes, underground structures and others. First the Hamiltonian is formulated in the cylindrical coordinates and the equations of equilibrium are then derived. By introducing series in the hoop


circular laminated arches, semianalytical method, dumper layer, impact load.