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Facility For Performance Tests Of Security Structures To U.S. Department Of State Standards


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R. M. Gutkowski & C. B. Turnbull-Grimes


In 2005, a testing ramp was designed and constructed to allow manufacturers to test highway safety barriers at a relatively low cost before a full-scale government regulated test. In order to expand the use of this facility, upgrades were made to meet standards set by the U.S. Department of State for testing terrorism barriers. The main objective was to ensure that the modifications adequately increase the velocity and subsequent impact energy. Keywords: facility, tests, security, structures, vehicle, impact. 1 Introduction and background This paper describes the modification of a vehicle crash test facility, located at the Engineering Research Center of Colorado State University, to be able conduct a test meeting official government standards to endorse terrorism barriers as level K12 effective. As a result of terrorism, the Department of State (DOS) test methods were restructured according to the Department of State Report SD-STD- 02.01, Revision A, March 2003: Test Method for Vehicle Crash Testing of Perimeter Barriers and Gates (SD STD-02.01) [1]. New test methods, test vehicle regulations and performance policies were required. When completed, the facility will be able to complete the full DOS tests with the exception of the optional payload explosives.


facility, tests, security, structures, vehicle, impact.