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Structural Investigations And Modelling Of The Bell Tower Of Santa Maria Del Carmine


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F. Ceroni1, M. Pecce1, F. Palmaccio2 & G. Manfredi2


Detailed historical and architectonical investigations (geometrical and material surveys, destructive and non-destructive tests) have been performed on the Bell Tower of Santa Maria del Carmine sited in Naples as preliminary inquiries into the structural analysis. An experimental dynamic characterization of the Tower was also realized considering environmental source vibrations. Linear analysis for static loads, linear modal analysis and nonlinear dynamic analysis (Push Over) have been developed by a 3D model in order to assess the safety condition of the structure. A study of local out-of-plane failure mechanisms has also been performed. Keywords: historical masonry buildings, in situ inquiries, FEM analysis, Push Over. 1 Introduction The evaluation of state and the design of a restoration project for an historical building needs technical investigations involving various types of competences. Historical, archival and bibliographical documentations are useful for an historical-critic survey necessary to characterize, analyze and record the origin of the structure and the vicissitudes during its history, its characteristic elements, the anomalous ones, the structural morphology and its static conditions. For an historical masonry building the variability of parameters as wall texture, connections, nature and dimensions of its component elements (i.e. disposition and dimension of blocks), coupling and mechanical properties of the various constituent materials (masonry blocks, bricks, mortar) could make each structure


historical masonry buildings, in situ inquiries, FEM analysis, Push Over.