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Evaluating The Retrofitting Process For Imam (Soltani) Mosque Monument After Silakhor Plan Earthquake Damage (31 March 2006)


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H. R. Vosoughifar


In this paper the retrofitting process for Imam Mosque after Silakhor Plan Earthquake (31 March 2006) was evaluated. Retrofitting the historical structures or monuments has been a challenge for experts and authorities for years while no basic and integrated measure has been taken in this regard and with Bam earthquake and destruction of historical Arg-e-Bam and Seilakhor plain earthquake and damage incurred by historical places and heritage they are threatened to be destroyed. The earthquake tremors in Borujerd caused damage of various degrees in the historic and cultural buildings. In the city of Borujerd, the most significant damage included the damage of the minarets in the Jame’ Mosque, the collapse of false ornamental stalactite ceiling in the Iamam (Soltani) Mosque and partial collapse of the beehive dome in the Imamzadeh Ja’far Shrine in the Lorestan province. The main damage in the Imam Mosque included collapse of the false ceiling including the rich stalactite ornament on the south eivan and cracking on the flanking parts of the north eivan. Destruction has resulted from the execution of a big concrete beam over the doorway that changed the behaviour of the same and made it rigid. In some cases incorrect retrofitting would lead to structural damage at the time of an earthquake. The concrete tie-beam on the south eivan of Imam Mosque has aggravated the impact of an earthquake on the structure as, during construction, the keystone of the original arch has also been weakened. This tie-beam should be replaced by a more resilient system of reinforcement. Moreover, terms of reference for cooperation between restoration and retrofitting of the monuments should be drafted specifically for each monument according to the particular conditions prevailing in each case. Keywords: retrofitting, Imam Mosque, restoration, earthquake.


retrofitting, Imam Mosque, restoration, earthquake.