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ICONIS: The Window For URBALIS Controlled Automatic METRO


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P. Noury


ICONIS implements the concept of an Integrated Control Centre (ICC) and federates former legacy systems such as Automatic Train Supervision, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, Passenger Information System, Public Address system and Video-Surveillance. ICONIS is the ultimate solution to craft operator missions according to operational considerations and forgetting about technology. It is built on the latest development of computer technology and available hardware and software for delivered systems lasting over generations of underlying software. ICONIS SCADA server monitors all the systems which ensure trains’ operations – Interlocking, Automatic Train Control, Automatic Train Protection – and it provides the operator with a live dashboard on system statuses to improve operational availability. ICONIS incorporates advanced functions for automatic metro to enhance passenger safety. A function monitors platforms to detect passengers on the track and interacts with ATC and video-surveillance systems avoiding high investment in platform screen doors. Furthermore, ICONIS provides a very efficient operator interface with the Time Distance Graph graphical function and supports operator decisions via Conflict Detection and Solving function. ICONIS takes care of the renovation project and offers a very modular approach in order to fit exactly to the function to be upgraded. It builds a new base that is suited for further gradual renovation of the other functions aiming at a fully Integrated Control Centre. Whatever the metro system, ICONIS is the solution with the support of URBALIS. Keywords: integrated control centre.


integrated control centre.