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Converting Existing Service To Fully Automatic Operation


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F. Fabbian


Fully Automatic Operation (FAO) is rapidly becoming the system of choice for Mass Rapid Transit Systems. The technology is mature and there is now over 20 years experience in this technology. Existing systems would also benefit by being automated. The challenges of converting an existing manned system to FAO are more challenging than a green field installation. The MTR Corporation of Hong Kong is currently operating one line which is FAO and has a plan to convert the remaining lines. This is a system that transports 2.6M per day and trains that carry up to 2,700 passengers. This paper will share the planning strategy and business case for this conversion – the Hong Kong story. Keywords: fully automatic operation. 1 Introduction This paper will describe the automatic operation developments undertaken in MTRCL including the automatic turnaround function at terminus, automatic train door opening and closing, fully automatic operation for the new Disneyland Resort Line and the studies undertaken for the conversion of the existing operation to fully automatic operation. MTRCL has adopted a progressive approach to the development of fully automatic operation. The automatic turnaround function at terminal stations was introduced in 1999 which was followed by the implementation of automatic train door opening and closing functions for the existing fleet and the fully automatic line, Disneyland Resort Line. Feasibility studies were conducted to review the possible technical and operational impact and opportunities for converting the existing operation into fully automatic operation. These included a review of the operational


fully automatic operation.