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Application Of Location Detection System Using Active Type RFID Tags To Railways


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K. Seki, S. Suzuki, M. Ukai & R. Tsuchiya


As active type RFID tags can transmit their identification information about 10 m by radio, we can calculate locations of persons who hold tags with an accuracy of a few meters, by installing tag receivers appropriately and by the function of a location calculating server which analyzes the gathered information regarding receivers which have received the tags’ identification information. We are developing two application systems to make use of active type RFID tags. The first one is an information provision system for passengers. In this system, passengers hold tags, location calculating servers are installed at stations and in trains, and an information delivering server is located at a management center. The location calculating servers at stations always transmit calculated location information of tags to information delivering server via an Intranet. On the other hand, the location calculating servers in trains store the calculated location information while trains are running between stations and transmit them at a stroke via communications lines such as wireless Local Area Networks to the information delivering server when the trains stop at stations. Therefore, the information delivering server can trace the locations of passengers continuously and manage their status such as entering into stations and getting off trains almost on time. Accordingly, it can deliver guidance information to mobile phones of the passengers via e-mail at appropriate places and timing. The second one is a system to cope with abnormal situations. In this system, station staffs hold tags. When a video surveillance system detects an illegal event such as violence and suspicious loitering, it transmits an alarm to the nearest staff to directly go to the location. As the locations of the staff are detected by tags indoors and by Global Positioning System (GPS) outdoors, they can be continuously traced wherever they are. Keywords: active type RFID tag, Information provision system, video surveillance system.


active type RFID tag, Information provision system, video surveillance system.