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Methodology For The LCC-Analysis And The Optimal Migration Of The Railway Operations Control On The Example Of ETCS


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M. Obrenovic, B. Jaeger & K. Lemmer


In order to reduce the number of approximately 20 different train control systems in Europe, and thus to realise cost effective and seamless cross-border railway operation, The European Train Control System (ETCS) will be implemented within the next years. Besides the given legislative preconditions, the cost efficiency as well as the optimal migration strategy, both on an operative and strategic level, will be crucial for the commercial success of the system. The Life-Cycle Cost Analysis (LCC) takes into account the overall costs appearing during the entire life cycle, considering all purchasing, owning and the disposal of the system. Additionally it identifies cost drivers by analysing the \“cause-and-effect chain” between relevant figures and processes. Therefore, a system breakdown structure plan and a cost breakdown structure plan are mapped on the different phases in the life-cycle of the analysed operations control system. Furthermore, a process analysis needs to be carried out in order to identify and to optimise those areas where cost-drivers are generated, e.g. the development or the maintenance process. Based on the LCC Analysis and additionally on a Multi-Criteria Analysis, considering operational, technical and other aspects, the optimal target state will be identified. In a last step, migration scenarios for the selected system need to be developed and evaluated systematically. Thus, the optimal migration strategy can be carried out. Furthermore, the migration costs and the duration of the process have to be considered beforehand in the LCC Analysis. As a result, a closed loop and an interaction related to both thematic areas – LCC and the migration of the railway operations control – are found. The Institute of Transportation Systems has developed a consistent methodological framework including tool-support, which is covering this process and will be demonstrated on ETCS in this contribution. Keywords: migration, Life Cycle Costing, ETCS.


migration, Life Cycle Costing, ETCS.