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A Proposal Of A New Methodology For The Optimization Of The WEEE Management Process In A Company Producing Cathode Ray Tubes


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D. Falcone, F. De Felice & A. Petrillo


In this paper, through suitable energetic balances, we have quantified the energy saving obtainable by reducing the quantity of raw materials (glass) feeding the process, through the closed-loop recycling, of the cathode ray tube glass that reached the end of its life cycle. For this purpose we adopted a methodology called the FIAI Method. Such a method consists of the introduction of two parameters aiming at controlling both the practicability of the investment concerning the environmental improvement (FI) and the advantage that such intervention causes as regards environmental impact and general energy saving (AI). Keywords: energy saving, LCA, WEEE. 1 Introduction The paper proposes the results of a study aiming at optimizing the management of the products that reached the end of their life cycles in a company producing Cathode ray tubes (CRT). The problem has been faced according to an approach of Integrated Political Product (IPP), as hoped for by the European Committee, employing the methodology suggested by the Life Cycle Assessment approach. The national and community legislative framework about the environment is in progress and, in view of this, the need of controlling the life cycle of the products is felt more and more, as well as the need of providing for their regeneration and disposal, once their use ended. For a correct application of the principles of the LCA, it was necessary to collect data for the development of


energy saving, LCA, WEEE.