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A Community-based Survey Of Domestic Accidents Among People Living In The Rural Area Of Rafsanjan-Iran (April 2003 – March 2004)


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R. Vazirinejad, A. Esmaeili, K. Dashti & J. Lilley


The type and the results of accidents are different in human populations. In order to prevent disabilities and deaths related to accidents, the nature and the extent of accidents should be known. This study aims to describe the patterns of domestic accidents and their resulting injuries among people living in Rafsanjan between April 2003 and March 2004. Lists of all cases registered as having a serious domestic accident were obtained from 50% of all health centres distributed throughout the rural area of the County. Information about age, gender, time of accident (season), cause of accidents, type of resulting injures, and long-term outcomes of accidents were collected from the centres, injured people or their relatives. A total of 823 cases were reported giving an overall one-year incidence rate of 8.0 per 1000 population. Mean age was 21.1±19.6 years and 36% (n=291) of injured people were reported with an age less than 10 years (min= 6 months, max = 98 years). Although sex ratio (M/F) was about one, women (25± 20yrs) were significantly older than men (17±18yrs). The most common season for accidents was summer (n=233). The first three most common causes of accidents were contact with fire or hot materials/liquids (38%, n=316), contact with sharp materials (34%, n=283) and falls (16.4%, n=135). Among 48% (n=392) the type of injury was deep cut/wound as the most common injury. Burns were the second most common result of accidents (39%, n=321). Among the remaining injuries, bone fracture, poisoning and suffocation were reported as the type of injuries. 4% of cases (n=31) died as a consequence of their injuries and 58 people (7.1%) had long-term disability due to accidents. The results of this study can be used in health programs aiming to prevent and control domestic accidents and resulting injures in the community. Keywords: domestic accidents, community-based survey, injuries, incidence.


domestic accidents, community-based survey, injuries, incidence.