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Application Of Safety And Security Principles To Flood Event Management In Highly Populated Urban Areas


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R. Calonaci, R. Fusi, F. Lapi, G. Multinu, C. Passerini & G. Menduni


This paper refers to non-structural actions which are to be carried out on the Arno river basin (Italy). In particular the town of Florence is considered where 56 catastrophic flood events have been recorded in the last 1000 years, the latter in 1966 with damages estimated at 10,000 billion euros. A huge system of structural works is presently being carried out planned to the 200-year return period event in the next ten years. To manage the present and future residual risk, specific safety plans have been provided at the scale of single buildings in order to give residents an effective instrument to prevent and protect them from the major flooding risk. This paper illustrates how safety and security principles can be applied to the management of a flood event at the scale of several thousands of square kilometres. A specific Security Plan and, if needed, a Recovery Plan is linked to each building which is potentially subject to flooding. Based on analytical hazard assessment and mapping, techniques to improve or increase the safety-level as well as appropriated information are described. These local scale plans are interfaced with civil protection and disaster management plans at the regional scale by suitable procedures. Keywords: risk assessment, flood event, security plan, recovery plan, signs, procedures, building. 1 Introduction A study for a plan in order to provide the residents of the area of the Arno River basin (and in future perspective all the residents) with one useful instrument to


risk assessment, flood event, security plan, recovery plan, signs, procedures, building.