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Methodology For Comparison Of The Contact Pressure Between Experiment And FE Models For Coupling Fluid / Structure Problems


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G Portemont, O Roland, E Deletombe, E Markiewicz & P Drazetic


In the field of fluid/structure interaction, one question concerns the relevance of the tests carried out on structures for the validation of the physical models and the algorithms implemented within FE codes. For instance, the measurement by a pressure transducer placed on a specimen may be different to the real contact pressure that would be measured on the same surface, without any transducer. This point is illustrated in this part of the paper. Then, the idea is to use the pressure transducer itself as a specimen for validation of our experimental and numerical investigations is introduced and developed: in the first step, the generaI methodology to study fluid/structure interaction and point out the difficulties and problems is described. The second step concerns the evaluation of Lagrangian, ALE approaches available in the explicit FE code Radioss to model the experiment. The ultimate goal is to develop a numerical methodology based on the comparison between instrumented experiments and FE models. Either the simulations correlate the tests well, and the FE method could be used directly to quantify the contact pressure field during water impact tests, or the models do not correlate the tests, and a correction factor is required.